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Crazy Kind of Wonderful

Crazy Kind of Wonderful book by Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister combines my love of crazy piecing with lovely wool applique. This book features 5 larger quilt projects all pieced using her "crazy" technique  and includes 9 smaller wool projects- Wow!  It seems that I always have a song in my heart- I many not always know the words, but I'm singing along anyway!  These quilts and projects make my heart sing- they are some kind of wonderful, with crazy good vibrations, and I hope you'll sing along with me as you make these projects!  Enjoy! 

Projects in this book include:

  • Sunny Side of the Street
  • #happy
  • Every Crazy Which Way
  • Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Crazy Waves
  • Crazy Shining Star
  • Autumn Blessings Wool Mat
  • Star Needle Case
  • Morning Dove Make-Do
  • Sewing Box Trio
  • These Things Do Thee Well
  • Berry Blossoms Mat
  • Grab N Go Bag

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